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When I Can’t Sleep, by Robert Garner McBrearty

When I Can’t Sleep

In this supremely entertaining collection of bite-size yarns that combine humor, pathos, and razor-sharp reverie, prize-winning micro-fiction maestro Robert Garner McBrearty stirs and startles and makes the reader shake with laughter. When it comes to real short, real brutal, poignant and punchy works of comic cleverness, McBrearty is the grand cabana, the big cheese, the ring to rule them all.

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The Western Lonesome Society, by Robert Garner McBrearty

The Western Lonesome Society

A tale of modern day stalkers, drug dealers, secret agents, strippers, a mad linguist, an imaginary therapist, Ernest Hemingway, and an RV trip through the soul of the West. Having been displaced, each of the characters must embark on the great American quest for a place to truly call home.

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A Night At the Y, by Robert Garner McBrearty

A Night At the Y

Wild, funny, touching and full of crackling dialogue, Robert Garner McBrearty’s stories turn the intensity of real life up a notch: A soap opera star turns a set into a real-life melodrama. A reformed drinking, whoring, foul-mouthed horsethief and bank robber achieves New Age enlightenment. A hot spring oasis is the source of a man’s newfound sanity — or is it insanity?

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Let the Birds Drink in Peace

Released in October 2011, Robert McBrearty’s latest collection of stories, entitled Let the Birds Drink in Peace is now available from Conundrum Press.

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Stories from this collection of Robert Garner McBrearty’s stories, entitled Episode, previously appeared in the North American Review, StoryQuarterly, and Narrative Magazine. McBrearty was awarded the 2007 Sherwood Anderson Foundation Fiction Award for stories included in this collection.

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Other Publications

McBrearty’s short stories have appeared in a great number of publications, including The Pushcart Prize anthology, The Missouri Review, and StoryQuarterly magazine. He has written for, been interviewed by, and been cited in numerous books and magazines.

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